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doua variante:ZEN sau DEFECT

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Bradycardia (Greek βραδυκαρδία, bradykardía, "heart slowness"), as applied to adult medicine, is defined as a resting heart rate of under 60 beats per minute, though it is seldom symptomatic until the rate drops below 50 beat/min. [1][2]

Trained athletes or young healthy individuals may also have a slow resting heart rate (e.g. professional cyclist Miguel Indurain had a resting heart rate of 28 beats per minute). Resting bradycardia is often considered normal if the individual has no other symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, chest discomfort, palpitations or shortness of breath associated with it.

The term relative bradycardia is used to explain a heart rate that, while not technically below 60 beats per minute, is considered too slow for the individual's current medical condition.

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din seria... incerc sa fiu un fotograf bun, am reusit sa fotografiez irealul. o minge fantoma.
fenomene paranormale la poalele tampei.
curios faptul ca mingea lasa si umbra. cum ma?>?? cum?



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